Wedding Dresses for True Fashion Lovers

posted on 26 Aug 2013 14:30 by whqcmy

Cotton Mermaid Scoop Stand Collar Natural Waist Embroidery Evening DressFashion is a fickle thing. Wedding Dresses Styles come and go over the years. But one particular tradition has helped create an enormous industry in the United States. Even as the total number of marriages continues to fall, the revenues for the bridal industry have hit a record high. How is this possible? Because wedding costs have doubled over the past twenty years!


About two million American couples get married each year. The average cost of a traditional wedding ceremony is around $25,000. Not surprisingly, more and more couples are choosing unconventional Pretty Summer Cotton Dresses For Sissies. The outdoor wedding, for instance, can save couples thousands of dollars.


Why is the modern wedding so expensive? It all started in 1840. That was the year Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in an elaborate royal wedding that set the tone for future generations. Instead of Pink Sparkle Wedding Dresses, Western brides fell in love with the pomp and pageantry of the scaled white wedding.